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Marketing Strategy

C’ESTLAVIE PHARMA is a dream child of Mr. Sanjay Kumar Dash who has in depth knowledge and experience of pharma marketing. He started his career in pharma manufacturing & marketing at the base level some 25 years back and today he reached to a level of entrepreneur. He worked hard to reach to this position.

He knows the health challenges faced by all sections of the society and decided to do maximum so that ailing humanity gets what it desires in terms of health and happiness.

We value our customers with high respect, be it a patient or a big hospital or a trade. We approach the market with ethics and human values. We have large distributor’s bases in various town of the state, through which our products are marketed. We have huge list of doctors prescribing our medicines showing not only our dedication to ailing human lives but also doctors’ confidence in our endeavors.

Currently we operate in Odisha. We have planned to spread our wings to all four corners of the country by adding marketing staff, expanding product range, and increasing distributors.