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about us

C’ESTLAVIE PHARMA is a dream child of Mr. Sanjay Kumar Dash has in depth knowledge and experience of pharma marketing. He started his career in pharma manufacturing & marketing at the base level some 25 years back and today he reached to a level of entrepreneur. He worked hard to reach to this position.

He knows the health challenges faced by all sections of the society and decided to do maximum so that ailing humanity gets what it desires in terms of health and happiness.

our core values

In pursuit of excellence and growth we shall act as trustees for our customers, employees and share holders. We continuously enhance value for our customer with quality products and services to meet their changing needs. Empowering our employees, encouraging innovation in an environment which makes work as fun.

We steadily are building wealth for our share holders. We shall make innovation and change a way of life at all times and conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness, loyalty and trust in god.

We are an Odisha based leading pharmaceutical company having our focus in Neuropsychiatry.

We are having our corporate office at Bhubaneswar, in the state of Odisha.

OUR MISSION : Building on our scientific, technical and commercial expertise, we responsibly provide innovative products and services related to human health to create healthier environment and life for everyone.

OUR Vision : To become a respected, ethical and prescription driven company with significant presence in the Indian Pharma Market by remaining focused on few selected therapeutic segment.